Keep Your Creative Energy Flowing With Legitimate Work at Home Jobs

Are you a creatively endowed person with a craving to find your niche and cater to it? Finding your niche can be time consuming and expensive, you need to find ways to be employed and earning through legitimate work at home jobs that give you freedom and pay. At the same time, prepare a blog site of yours on which you display photographs or samples of the work you have done. Let the blog site do the marketing about you and your skills. Upload a video clipping of your creations against a suitable background to highlight your work suitably.
Gift Design
Gift article design according to specifications is a service that marketers of gifts require on an ongoing basis in the drive for uniqueness. Sometimes, individuals looking for artists who will cater to their specific one time needs place their requirements. Legitimate work at home jobs call for talented artists and crafts people to supply work at competitive prices and time lines. These assignments will provide you with the variety so necessary for exploring different media and the capital to help you advertise your capabilities to a wider audience.
Do you express your ideas best in prose? You can explore legitimate work at home jobs that require this talent. Regardless of your background and experience, your writing samples are sufficient as proof of your capability to satisfy a need. Maintain a blog that provides examples of the gamut of your capability and clarifies your true interest. If you are looking to write short stories but willing to write copy and articles as a means to earn, let your blog display this. You may not be interested in writing product reviews or adult content or press releases. Specify the areas that you are not going to dabble in to avoid negative comments.
Online teaching and help with academics is another type of legitimate work at home jobs that pay well, provide variety and give you an idea as to how to get your initiative moving well. Students often need help with certain subjects and you need to be creatively inclined and friendly to ensure that you are able to communicate at the level of the student. Your success is dependent on the understanding and this makes it all the more important that you utilise education tools and devise some of your own to cater to this need.
Songs and poems
Lyricists, poets and song writers can put their pieces up for singers and bands as a part of the legitimate work at home jobs program. This is something that artists often prefer to do while holding full time jobs until their work is liked. Companies look for music to support their brand and individuals look at these as suitable gifts for loved ones. Be clear about the niche you are trying to reach since this helps you reach the right audience instead of a wide one. Your blog post should hold a video of yourself playing the music you have created or reading it out.

5 Creative Energy Generators

Creativity is the top ingredient in the article writing recipe. Are you feeling blocked rather than creative? Just putting words to paper does not equal writing an article. Capturing the reader's interest initially and then to get them to continue reading is your main goal.
For your message to get read you have to pique the interest of the reader by first getting their attention. But your creativity is long gone so how to get it back without pulling out your hair in frustration?
Is your mind still blank? There is no simple trick that will always work to break the log jam lose. No one can generate your creativity for you, but they can provide aids that may help. Here are five easy tips to consider.
1) Creativity often increases after a get-away or a crazy adventure. Adrenaline is produced when you are having fun and that can allow creativity to come forward. Go for a hike to a sacred place or go on an adventure. Maybe getting out of the rut that a schedule can create will feed your mind with a new burst of creativity. Remember our minds seek new ideas and experiences to explore.
Words and images are the media of your writing art. Use crisp, clear depictions to knead your article ingredients together. Elements like simile and metaphor can add flavor to your article recipe, but they don't come without creativity being present.
2) A dedicated space to writing will help generate creativity. Clutter and confusion are not conducive to the flow of creativity.
Bring to your working place objects that make you happy and relaxed. Beautiful art, scented candles, fresh flowers kept in your writing space can spark creativity. One way to reduce distractions is keep the space clean and organized. Losing track of time as you write is a good indication that creativity is flowing and the space is working for you.
3) Write in a journal or diary regularly. Jot down ideas that come from something you smell, see or hear. Let your idea-generator be fed by what you see, hear and smell. Use your journal to capture those ideas for future use. Idea development can be triggered from other peoples' ideas. Remember creative ideas can come from a myriad of sources; your unique spin is what is needed.
4) Relax and take time to sort things out. Mind clutter crowds out creativity, so clear your mind. Move the obstacles out of the way; both physical and mental. Staying focused is not possible if you are bothered by something else.
Being relaxed allows you to focus on the experience that your idea is generating. Mental confusion, constant mind chatter, and focusing on your block only cause the block to get stronger and keep your creativity at bay. Allow your experiences to feed your mind. Keep your mindset free and positive and then let your mind play with those experiences to form your unique opinions that can be reflected in your writings.
5) Finding out what makes ticks your emotional triggers could help you find ways to get your creative juices flowing. There are many ways to set the mood. Some writers use wine or alcohol to stir up their creativity. (Use caution that this doesn't become a dependency.) Some like soft mood music while others let the lighting of the environment create the mood. Keep the pace and tempo consistent with your flowing creativity.
Discover what inspires you and what annoys you. Use these emotions to help you in expressing yourself and your ideas, with this you can grow creatively. Let the mood of your internal space lead to new recipes for writing those new articles.

Powerful Creative Energy - Our Thoughts Manifest Our Lives

Have you ever heard the statement, "Thoughts are things?" Many people say these words without consciously realizing just what the meaning of the statement really is.
Our thoughts ARE energy and they are as real as the vibration of light, heat, magnetism, sound and electricity. When we think, we send out vibrations of energy. These vibrations are not evident to our five physical senses but that does not mean that they do not exist.
Example: a magnet has the ability to send out vibrations to attract to itself a piece of steel. We can't see, taste, smell, hear or feel the mighty force but we know it works. Our thought vibrations, likewise, cannot be seen, tasted, smelled, heard nor felt by the majority of people. (Some healers, psychics and sensitive people can - but that's another article!)
Over a hundred years ago, in the medicine field, doctors and midwives didn't know that dirty hands spread disease. When they were first told that cleaning their hands was important, many scoffed in disbelief! They couldn't see the germs therefore they didn't believe that their unwashed hands had the power to do harm. Because we cannot see, smell, taste or touch our thought vibrations it is no proof that they do not exist. When we come to the realization that our thoughts are a creative energy, having a magnet-like power of attraction, we will begin to understand how our powerful creative energy, our thoughts, enables us to design our lives which ultimately leads to personal empowerment.
It's time to become responsible for the mighty thought law - The Law of Attraction. This law is very powerful and is always at work drawing to us the things we desire or fear, set into motion by the very thoughts that we think. It draws to us the positive and the negative. There is no exception to this rule. What you think, you will create in your life. This law is not new nor is it a secret. It has been in effect since the beginning of man and when we understand this law we will be able to use it in our daily lives to create positive life experiences, creating the life of our dreams.
We send out thoughts all the time, and we are reaping the results of such thoughts. Not only do our thought waves influence ourselves and others, but they have a drawing power - they attract/magnetize to us the thoughts of others, things, circumstances and people in accordance with the type of thought that is most in our minds.
Thoughts of love will attract to us the love of others; circumstances and surroundings in accordance with the love thought; people who are of like thought. Thoughts of anger, hate, envy, malice and jealously will draw to us similar thoughts emanating from the minds of others; circumstances and surroundings in accordance with these vile thoughts, we will receive them in turn from others; people who will manifest in harmony; and so on.
Like attracts like in the thought world - as ye sow so shall ye reap. Birds of a feather flock together in the thought world - curses like chickens come home to roost, and bringing their friends with them! This matter of thought attraction is a very serious one. When you stop to think of it you will see that we really make our own surroundings, although some of us tend to blame others for it. We attract to us the thoughts of others that hold the same order of thought and we create our lives according to our thought and the thoughts of others influence how we create our lives.
If we think success and positive thoughts will be able to get into tune with the minds of other people thinking success and positive thoughts, therefore allowing us to create our lives in a successful way. Just as easily, if we allow our minds to dwell constantly upon thoughts of failure and negativity we will bring ourselves into close touch with the minds of other "failure" people, and each will tend to pull the other down still more. You are the company you keep! Therefore we would create our lives in a negative and unsuccessful way. If a person thinks that everything is evil and negative, they will see and experience much evil and negativity, and will be brought into contact with others who will inevitably prove them right. The law of attraction knows no boundaries! And the person who looks for good in everything and everybody will be likely to attract to themselves the things and people corresponding to their thought process.
We generally see what we are looking for or what we believe in.
The mind has many levels, ranging from the highest positive level of thought to the lowest negative level of thought, with many levels of thought in between, varying in degree according to the difference in positive and negative thought extremes.
When your mind is operating along positive levels you feel strong, buoyant, bright, cheerful, happy, confident and courageous, and are enabled to do your work well, to carry out your intentions, and progress on your road to success. You send out strong positive thought, which affects others and causes them to co-operate with you or to follow your lead, according to their own mental level.
When you are playing on the extreme negative end of the mental level you feel depressed, weak, passive, dull, fearful, and cowardly. And you find yourself unable to make progress or to succeed. And your effect upon others is practically nil. You are led by, giving your power away, rather than leading others. You are very dis-empowered.
But remember you possess the power to raise the level of your mind to a positive level. You are not destined to attract negative experiences! You have the ability to change your thought process allowing you to empower yourself. It is simply a matter of learning new techniques that you were never taught. Do not allow yourself to be affected by the adverse and negative thoughts of those around you. Move your thoughts up to a high positive level away from the vibrations of those on the lower planes of thought.
You have the power to build up your mind and make it what you want. In fact, we are mind-building every second of our lives, either consciously or unconsciously. The majority of people are doing the work unconsciously, but those who understand the mechanics and workings of the law of attraction have taken the matter in hand and have become conscious creators of their own mentality, their own reality. They are no longer subject to the suggestions and influences of others but have become masters of themselves.
The Key to Self-Mastery is within! And the time to begin re-establishing order in your mental kingdom is NOW. I invite you to remember the power within, learn and master the lost secrets, raise your thoughts and create the life of your dreams!

Creative Energy Cycles

Have you ever found yourself without much energy to do your daily routines?
Do you feel lethargic and not "in the mood" to do much of anything? Instead you'd prefer it if you could relax with a good book or just watch a film and lay out on your couch?
Instead of fighting against those feelings, do into them fully.
The reason I say this is because as a conscious being you will inevitably go through different high and low energy cycles. There's no way that you can create new things all of the time without taking relaxation. Energy will need to recoup and recharge within you which is exactly what is happening when you feel lazy.
Think of an energy cycle like a wave. There are high points on the wave and there are low points. The lower points are when you feel lethargic but they are the most crucial times because you're recharging energy for the high energy cycle. And when you feel creative and energetic you're using that creative energy that you've already charged up previously.
These high and low energy cycles last for no particular time and is completely different to each human being. You cannot change them, they are a way of life and pushing against them will ultimately cause you more pain in the long run.
Although you may have lots of things you want to do when you're in a low energy cycle, simply go into the energy cycle and allow it to consume you. When you feel as lazy as you possibly can, you're more likely to come out of it quicker. If you start pushing against it and doing high energy activities when you really do not want to, it is in these times when the body may experience an unexpected illness. It is the only way that the energy cycle can get you to stop and recharge since you continually push against it, so it creates an illness within the body to force you to stop.
The cycles last for no particular amount of time. Some will last for hours, some for days and others for months or even years. Whatever the cycle you're in - don't push against it. Instead go with the flow of life and enjoy every moment of it.

Improving the Creative Energy of Your Home

You may be confident that you are a creative individual, but do you make the most of the space around you to support that? When I first started writing seriously for a living in the 1980's I had a desk under the stairs rather like Harry Potter's bedroom only a lot smaller and with no door on it. It made me focus, but there was literally no room to expand my thinking - or even my legs.
Back then I had no idea when Feng Shui was, but I wish I had because if you pay attention to some very simple principles you can make the space you create in really part of your whole process. It's been around for thousands of years and used extensively in the East to make homes more welcoming and the environment more harmonious.
When you write you are in a particular energy zone, and you need very specific things. First you need to feel safe to allow yourself into that different zone with no fear of interruptions so you need to be in a space that is not a corridor - which pretty much rules out the kitchen table unless you have leanings to being a journalist and want to learn how to work in a noisy, crowded environment. A room with several doors in it can also be distracting as you can have a subconscious fear that you could be interrupted at any time. If there is only one door in the room, try to sit at an angle to it so your back is not directly to it. Again it's a subconscious anxiety that you cannot see anyone sneaking up on you, and you want to feel confident and in control when you are writing.
Negative energy spaces are dark, cramped and looking out onto an unattractive view - the back of the garage or a neighbouring industrial building or block of flats. If your view is unattractive then either put an attractive blind there or put your back to it and put a beautiful poster or print on the wall you are directly looking at. Make the room comfortable and attractive with some living plants in there and perhaps a water feature that will prevent the energy in the room becoming stale.
Put objects in there that are beautiful and give you pleasure, and perhaps things that will give you ideas - an unusual piece of driftwood or a few pebbles or a postcard that brings back happy memories and make an ideas board. Use a simple cork notice board and pin on it pictures, fabric, headlines from newspapers, ads from magazines - things that your eye can rest on and feel intrigued by. Have a mirror in the room to reflect light from the window or hang crystals to catch the sun and reflect rainbows into the room.
Clutter is the enemy of creativity inasmuch as you need to be able to see what work you have in progress. A rigid or regimented workspace is not what I mean - some disorder is fine, but not to the point that you can't find a piece of research or enough room on the desk for your cup of coffee! The same with your furniture, don't crowd the space so you have to squeeze through the door and climb over a sofa to get to your computer.
Put a welcome mat outside the door of your workspace, it will encourage you to go in there more often and reassures you that your creative process is something to be celebrated.
I hope these ideas are helpful, and remember the one thing you truly need to do to improve your creative energy is to just to have the intention to create and then apply yourself to doing just that!

Your Creative Energy Flows Where Your Thinking and Expectation Goes

Our brains are amazing they work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from before you are born, right up until we fall in love. The truth is our brains are far more powerful than any computer ever developed; our thoughts are in fact so powerful that they can either create or destroy. They can create the most amazing and beautiful things fill us with love and grace or if we choose they can destroy dreams, relationships or even lives.
We can change everything in our lives with one decision or a single thought. This thought can completely change the course of our future, either positively or negatively. This single thought can completely change our lives, by allowing us to unlock our unused potential, change our health, create great wealth, build relationships, forge deep love or connection and even inspire new levels of happiness and joy.
We all arrive on this amazing planet, naked, scared and vulnerable. The one thing that decides how our lives turn out, is the thoughts we choose to think. Society conditions us to believe that we are more likely to fail than to succeed. Our parents, teachers, coaches and care givers, reinforce this negative belief system in us, by telling us the word no 30 times more than the word yes, before we even turn 17. This coupled with our brains always searching our environment looking to keep us safe, sees us focus our energy on negative thoughts.
These automatic negative thoughts or ANTS, constantly flow through our heads and fill us with fear, hesitation and suspicion. As you know our thoughts create our expectations, which then highlight possibility in us. This potential or possibility is then converted into the driving force behind our creative capacity, which will finally manifest into our reality. So if we constantly focus our energy on negative thoughts, these will manifest into as our expectations, which will then become the driving force behind our creative energy. This will see us create a negative reality that keeps us trapped in a life that is unfulfilling and incomplete.
We are in control of our thoughts and by making better, more positive choices about the thoughts we think, we are creating a more positive environment in which we get to think more positive thoughts, which in turn will help us to have better and more positive expectations, which will drive our creative capacity. As our creative capacity will be focused on creating more positive outcomes we will create a far more satisfactory reality.
We can change the trajectory of our lives by simply changing the thoughts we think. The reality we get to create is a choice, we can either create a positive set of expectations, which will help us to drive our creative energy in a positive direction or we can choose to keep thinking negative thoughts that will continue to drive our creative energy toward scarcity and a life that is empty and unsatisfying. Your creative energy flows where your thinking and expectation goes. When you focus on gratitude and abundance, your predominant thoughts are on creating positive outcomes and that is what eventually manifest in your life.
Make the shift today and allow your mind to focus on abundance and all the things that are working in your life. As you focus your thoughts on abundance and positive outcomes, you are far more likely to see opportunities and ways of creating more positive expectations. These positive expectations will allow you to unlock your positive creative capacity that you can use to create the reality that you desire.

How to Exploit the Superlative Creative Energy of Sex for Superior Accomplishments in Life

Sex is Nature's primary channel for procreation, preservation and evolution. All living things procreate, multiply and perpetuate their kind through sexual intercourse in one form or another.
When properly indulged in, the sex act produces such exquisite feelings of ecstasy and joy unlike any other; making the desire for physical sexual contact quite intense and irresistible in most men and women.
As the singular act through which Man expresses his highest creative power of bringing offspring into the world, sexual intercourse is much more than mere physical conjugal union; it is a profound act of great responsibility, with deep spiritual and mystical connotations.
When couples understand and align with this fact, they have within their reach, the ability to deploy the superlative powers of sex beyond biological procreation of babies - to explore the higher currents of life, and experience the deeper joys and mysteries of human existence on planet earth.
Indeed, the primordial creative energy in sex transcends procreation. Unfortunately, many men and women being unaware unknowingly dissipate and thus fail to avail themselves of the innate superlative powers of their abundant sex drive; and this is one primary cause of mediocrity and lack of superior achievements in life.
An intense desire, whether for sex, money, politics or sports laurels, is creative potency seeking expression or outlet, and you have a choice of how and on what to invest it. The more intense the desire is, the more powerful the unseen forces propelling it into actualisation.
Your thoughts, desires and intents, and the associated feelings and emotions they generate in you are creative energies, differing only in their colouration and eventual route of expression or outlet, brought about by the transforming action and power of your Mind - and sexual desire is no exception.
In other words, that self-same creative potency projecting as tumultuous sex drive or sexual energy can, by a mere switch of intent and focus, become Intellectual, Money, Professional, Political, Business, Spiritual or Sports energy; or whatever type of energy you need at any point in time.
Sex, the carnal root of Man's generation, can be the source of his de-generation, yet holds the key to his re-generation. When properly harnessed, the primordial powers of sex and its creative essences that initiate all earthly existence can be used to achieve anything you want; for in the source of this vital Power lie also the sources of Wealth, Health and Genius. Sexual energy transmutation is the key.