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Menopause has the potential to trigger our latent insanity on occasion, especially as the heat rises, our emotions escalate, and everything punches holes in the carefully designed tapestry we call our life plan! Although this expression is potentially freeing, sometimes we can feel truly incapacitated by the intensity of the energy propelling us out of control!
"Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity," is one of my favorite quotes from a movie about the suffragettes. When we are young, our courage is blanketed by innocence and vibrates with infallibility. This tone evolves into a very different quality as we accumulate years, after moving first through sensuality, arrogance, nurturance, humility, fear, and finally, true courage.
Ruthless self-examination for better or worse, helps us to develop acceptance and compassion for all that we are. Curiosity and correct interpretation of the answers tenures truth in our educational mission. More, we must actually ask provocative questions, evoking this truth from our innermost voice, our soul
Is there any part of your brain that functions differently (notice how it's not about bad or good) now as a result of age changes and menopause? Are you more likely to expose yourself, showing your vulnerability now more than you were before? What would you do if you never had another romantic relationship again in your life? Are you happy in your relationship or happily alone? Is your intuition heightened; are you more sensitive to energy?
Exploring these possibilities, or to answer even one of these questions could stir much in our old programmed templates for living. Complete with courage at this stage in our evolution, we have the inner elemental fuel to bring it all to light, transforming everything we are made of, re-wiring and creating new neural networks.
Personally, I've asked myself and my close friends these questions over and over again because I'm curious about what lies beneath these personas of ours. More important, I wonder what lies beneath that and I'd like to know how we can re-lay our foundation without totally destroying the house on top of it.
Now I know my personal foundation cracks and changes daily with each breath I take and with every thought I have. I am certain I am rewiring myself in my sleep, maybe even while awake. I'm certain I will complete my soul and advance this lifetime. Is this true for everyone though?
is it true for you?
How would a new romantic partner adjust to these thoughts, these crests and troughs? Is there enough compassion and surrender in the Universe for me to exist here, like this, along with the other 6 million menopausal women in the United States? These are my questions.
One day, in the last several years, I realized that I may be single the rest of my life and although fairly uneasy about it at first, I've grown, learned and become quite enthusiastic about this as a very distinct possibility. On the other hand, I am not adverse to finding and living with a mate. He would have to be an open-minded and spiritually special man to venture into this very rugged terrain.
Since that discovery, I have hovered around the bush of courage, sometimes hiding behind it and other times dancing around it. In this moment, I truly embrace being celibate as a possibility. In fact, I am certain that mature women worldwide can hold the creative space for all evolutionary processes, particularly those fearless women who use their creative energy for nothing but the process of human expansion.
Whatever its past was, or future consistency may be, our most auspicious and productive state of being is to courageously embrace who we are in present time, even if that means temporary insanity. And that's quite a feat, yet there are ways to manage, to cultivate and entrain this wildly creative energy in our bodies through visualization, conscious living and breathing, as well as spiritual intention.
Female Creative Energy Practice I
Transform sexual energy into creative Chi energy by breathing into and focusing on the Ovaries. Begin by breathing into your ovaries. Rapidly and lightly rub your palms together placing them over your lower abdominal and ovarian areas. Feel the warmth created with the breath and hands.
Next, visualize an oval shape that connects the two ovaries and the cervix, completely encircling the uterus as well. Feel the energy moving through and circulating around this "Oval" shape.
Ground the cervix into the Root Chakra at your tailbone and further, into the center of the Earth. Allowing anything foreign to release down this grounding connection. All the stagnant energies will be transmuted by Earth's fiery core.
Let the creative energy swirl around in the oval while you pump your perineum gently (squeeze the pelvic floor muscles like a Kegel). Feel the energy created in the "Oval" moving up through the spine into the center of your head.
Here it cycles around both clockwise and counterclockwise, eventually returning back down to the "Oval." You can also try pooling and circulating this energy into each chakra along the way as it journeys upward.
Do this both on the way up to collect energy and the way down to re-fill the spaces with a higher vibration. Now try the exercise again with your tongue touching the roof of your mouth behind your top teeth.

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